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I was expecting it. But still broke out in a fit of laughter. Could do with being longer but was great none the less. 5 and 10 from me.

Awesome as always.

A little short compared to the others but it was an awesome way to wrap it all up. Its a wonderful series with a good moral to it. perfect score 5 and 10. I am really looking forward to any and all new projects to come.

Wonderfully done =)

To the one called Deriku a few posts down...I don't think any thing should be done to this. The fact that it isn't colored in is part of what makes it look so amazing. Same with what you said about "Cleaning it up". Doing these things I think would ruin the feel of it. Its perfect the way it is and should not be changed in any way. But I too am now looking forward to any and all projects to come. Keep up the great work Pandy.

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im not impressed. and ibm can goto the place where all bad operating systems go.
still i give a 5 cause it was a little on the funny side...but only a little. and i do like the way you have it set up like a puzzle to figure out. if it was atleast longer and had a bit more of a point it would help. but it only ever ends with the major error or a reboot and it gets dull real fast. but i must say it looks and sounds allot as if you really were messing with windows and i do like that part about it.


Thats a Mario game with a twist that kicks the butt of even the commercial Mario games. And I too ran across the bowser battle glitch with the wall of fire and the million flame attack...I thought it was part of the game and besides lagging me a bit I thought it looked really cool. Even if it is just a glitch I think it should be left as is cause it makes you want to scream in shear terror when he attacks like that.
5\5 and 10\10 perfect game. Looking forward to a part 2 of this game now.

This is cool for the old timers of games.

Haven't played doom in a long time. Iv seen other Doom flash games but this one is the honest to god real Doom. Now all you need is to find a way to make this multiplayer over the net and you'll really have the best ever...LOL
I give this a 10\10 cause it is all they allow me to give. Also if you can you should try bring back allot of the old games into flash so that kids these days can see where it all started from. I gotta stop talking like this tho dang it im only 23 and im making it out like im really all that old XD But I did play doom back in the day online and this really brings me back to when games were all about just having fun.

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Not bad

But you need to chop a large chunk of that empty opening off. That would make it allot better.

ZickProdutcions responds:

Yeah, thats ringth. :) thanks.

Not much to say.

This song is just awesome.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks Jacob, glad you liked it.

Thanks for the rate review. fav and download.

-Cheers Brando

Freakin Funny!!!

Gawd that is great. Im gonna have to send you my medical bill cause this is making my sides split. The back ground song is just a little off but the lyrics are so great I don't care about that...ROFLMAO

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